Service Tools

PeopleMap and FIRO_B

Move over Golden Rule, here is the Platinum Rule. Speak to others the way they want to be spoken to by "Understanding yourself and Others". Joined with the FIRO_B, this is an unbeatable toolset for improvement and growth.  PeopleMap  FIRO_B

Emotional Intelligence and ARSENAL

Emotional Intelligence tool used to support total client understanding. Improve work performance by 40%. ARSENAL stress identification and management tool.

EQ-i2/EQ-i2 360  ARSENAL

Strengths Deployment Indicator

Motivational Values System, Conflict Sequence, Strengths, Over-done-strengths, Feedback, and Expectations. Minimize conflict and understand what triggers it.

Total SDI


Conversational Intelligence changes the way we speak to each other improving our conversations, our relationships, and our business culture. Moving from ME to WE!  C-IQ

DiSC Profile

A non-judgemental tool used for discussion of people's behavioral differences.

DiSC/DiSC 360


A conversation for 2 before you say "I do." Tools for pre-marriage and married couples to improve their relationships.


Training Options

Building Better Leaders Through Better Relationships!